Failed To Create Local Screen Image. Issues With TightVNC Should Be Fixed.

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    You should try these fixes when you receive an error while creating a local screen capture.

    Re: Enger VNC Viewer. It Is Not Possible To Locally Create An Image On Most Screens.

    Hello,>>>>> Wade Dugas wrote:> I installed Tight VNC 1.3.9 on Suse SLES 9 a long time ago. I'm ready> connect server using Real VNC Viewer E4.2.7 but I can't> Do it with Tight VNC Viewer 1.3.9. I get charcoal screen and window error> - "Error creating local image attached to screen."This is the error that Windows Observer shows when CreateCompatibleBitmap()The function does not work for many reasons. I think the reason might be goodNon-standard is cart screen mode or video driver.Does changing the screen resolution or color depth make any difference?--Best wishes,Konstantin

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    TightVNC 2.8.63

    • Windows servers:Improved instant screen capture methods, includingdata in Windows 11 and later versions of Windows.
    • Windows Server: Stabilityimproved RDP session sharing.
    • Windows server:Fixed an issue where color slider encoding did not work properly with certain formats or slider shapes.
    • Servers for Windows:Fixed erroneous creation of additional characters in the Greek keyboard layout.
    • Viewers for Windows:Fixed a security issue that allowed a specially crafted “evil” server to execute code on a user’s machine. Technically a security issue was caused by a buffer overflow in the ZRLE decoder.

    TightVNC 2.8.59

    • Windows server: forFixed problems updating disconnected desktops with -sharedisplay and therefore -sharerect options. If the shared area was validly resized, its size remained the same, no changes were made.
    • Server and Viewer for Windows:The details in the properties of the EXE and DLL files have already been updated. Thismay not affect the functionality of either path (sf bug #1539).

    TightVNC 2.8.57 (limited Version)

    • Server forFixed: Windows: A termite appearing on some video hardware designs that could cause the server to crash when approving new connections (sf bug #1535).
    • Servers checking Windows: AFixed an issue that caused custom wallpapers to be restored after all users logged out with the “Hide desktop wallpaper” option enabled (sf bugs #1505, #1100).
    • Windows servers:Minor UI changes (almost imperceptible to the average user).
    • Windows Installer:Fixed an issue where during installation a settings form was displayed that could not be properly closed from Task Manager.

    TightVNC 2.8.55