FIX: Error Converting Data Type From Char To Float.

Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered an error while converting a char data type to a float data type. This problem occurs due to many factors. Now we will discuss them.

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    The same reason for the generic error message in this case is that you are using a comma (,) even though it is a decimal point and dots are also group digits. Although SQL Server considers the dot (.) to be a valid decimal character. Also, don’t use number grouping characters when converting varchar to drift.

    Your idea is that you specifically look for strings containing the character % and convert them (implicitly or explicitly) to a floating point number.

    But % strings containing characters are difficult to convert to floating point numbers, even though they still contain % in those products. This also throws an error:

    What is data type varchar?

    As the name suggests, varchar includes a lot of character data. An element, also known as a variable character, is a type of marketing information in the form of a character string of indefinite length. It can contain numbers, anything and special characters.

    select CONVERT(float,'12.5%')

    If you want to convert a floating point number, you must first remove your % character, for example:


    How do I cast Nvarchar to float in SQL?

    I start converting NVARCHAR to float using Select CAST (col1 as float) New_col1 at the beginning of [email protected] . . . .

    will just cut it off. I don’t know if your individual terms_code column has any other characters that might also trigger a trip.

    Can we convert varchar to float?

    error varchar cannot be converted to float or similar.

    You should also be aware that SQL Server can often aggressively rebuild operations and will pretty much try to do the conversion described above for all other strings in terms_code, even those that aren’t even %< contains /code>. If this is the reason for your failureachi, you must prevent this aggressive reorganization. Assuming no aggregates are involved, the actual CASE statement usually avoids the biggest problems - make sure any strings that buyers don't want to deal with are eliminated with s WHEN previous paragraphs when trying to convert

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      I may have found that this topic has already been discussed many times and tried every possible solution to no avail, so I'm here.

      I have a smartphone application that stores such values ​​in a varchar(7) column named Using CC_Agent_State_Summary table:




      error converting data type char to float


      The application saves and displays these values ​​only individually. I also have a reporting task outside of the application. Insofar asi provide SUM and average these values ​​over multiple datasets, i will proceed as usual with error:

      Error converting data method varchar to float

      I cut out the treasure, removed the "%" and still can't convert or convert those specific values. Because I can't change the structure of the dessert, I'm stuck on what I should do, but I have no control over what I should work on.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you!

    • First answer: don't store comparable data! Yes, I know you told us that you can't edit the entire model, but skip the segment: don't look at the data like that.

      Then call try_cast: 1, try_cast(substring(col, len(col) - 1) is float). This will give you NULL for values ​​that don't change.

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    Okay, since this is a SQL 2008 forum, you can reply that you don't have access to it if you need a try_cast. This brings us to the third tip: upgrade! SQL 2008 is deprecated.

    Now you can answer that it is not inwe decide what to do with the updates. Well show the credentials of not being able to run this query on SQL 2008 so you need to export the data to case with SQL 2012 or later. This problem was not interesting where we only had to struggle with SQL 2008, and even less brilliant today, when in fact there is a perfectly acceptable solution. You can target isnumeric but this is not a guarantee as isnumeric can return 1 in a value which is convertible to money but cannot be transferred.

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